Star Tribune Article on Christie's MCAD auction and the growing Minneapolis & St Paul art scene

Excerpt from the article, "Adding Christie's brings buzz to Minneapolis College of Art and Design auction, Twin Cities art scene"

The Warehouse District in Minneapolis was home to a thriving arts market in the 1980s, but by 1992 the galleries were closed and did not return. During the most recent recession, even more gallery owners quit the business.

“The Twin Cities gallery scene struggles,” said Greg Hennes, an art consultant with 29 years of experience. “Too often the shows and open houses are an excuse to party, not to buy art.”

But hopeful signs have sprung up in the past several years. Hennes and several other art insiders are trying to resurrect the Twin Cities Fine Arts Organization, a group of galleries, colleges and museums that advocated for visual arts.

Several newer galleries dot the metro landscape, including Instinct and Gamut in downtown Minneapolis, Veronique Wantz in the North Loop and Flow Art Space in St. Paul’s Lowertown.