Our Doors are Now Open on North Fifth Street

The Veronique Wantz Gallery invites the Twin Cities community to join us at our new home on on Saturday September 23rd.

After a few busy but rewarding summer months we've have finally opened our doors and are hard at work installing and arranging pieces for our gallery opening.

With our industrial, modern, and minimalist space, we’re more than ready to take on the future. But, staying true to our past, we’re also proud to be picking up where we left off as curators of high-quality fine art in the twin cities community and beyond.

Please come celebrate with us at our opening on Saturday, September 23rd from 4pm-8pm. We’ll toast to new beginnings, new friendships, and inspiring art.

 You’ll see that our walls have been warmed by abstract paintings both bold and serene, yet always expressive by Allison Johanson, Jack Dale, Kathy Wismar, Linda Puiatti and Debora Stewart, to name but a few.

From the world of pottery and ceramics, we’re equally excited about Samuel Johnson’s earthy, unglazed stoneware and Juliane Shibata’s delicate porcelain shapes, which bear traces of plant and ocean life. 

We’re also so pleased to share with you a variety of approaches to sculpture, from Asa Hoyt’s architecturally inspired metalwork to Donna Rice’s intricate glass art.

We hope to see you soon!  In the meantime, here are some highlights: