Meet our new artist: Tonja Sell

We are so excited to welcome a new artist to our gallery: Tonja Sell.

A Wisconsin native and daughter of glass artisans, Tonja attended the Milwaukee School of Art, where she studied fine arts, drawing and illustration.

 “I get lost in the works of Klimt and Degas, the romance of the Pre-Raphaelites, the figures Toulouse Lautrec and Egon Schiele. I am captivated by the human form, texture, layering and hidden images. Much of my work incorporates several media combined in unexpected ways. By working in mixed media I often build tactile surfaces that invite exploration. I want to pull you in, cause you to explore and move through my work.

I work in several different media including all paint and drawing media, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, blown glass and more. I love trying new things and learning through experimentation.”

Art is a collaboration between God and the artist,
and the less the artist does the better.”

 - Andre Gide

We look forward to introducing you to her beautiful work.