C. Anthony Huber

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Huber’s work exposes the battle between erosion and the attempts to repair and the beauty caught within. Interested in the tension in visceral conflicts between utilitarian materials such as construction detritus and art materials, the artist seeks a visceral reaction to that conflict.

Formally the work speaks to the natural human tendency to find patterns, and the predilection to match what we see to what we know. The artist seeks to define patterns in the compositions that intimate a sense of balance within a process that appears to be haphazard, experimental and physical in nature.  

While materiality and abstraction are central formal elements in the work, the conceptual focus of temporality and environment intersect to unmoor traditional notions of the medium of painting, often bridging painting and object. The artist’s concept of “urban wabi-sabi” reinterprets the traditional Japanese aesthetic.His work is underpinned by the acceptance of transience and imperfection, the physicality and conceptual processes found in damage and repair, and the building up and wearing down of the surface.